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Thread: info on stand alone fuel system???

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    info on stand alone fuel system???

    If I was to run a 200 wet shot on a 5.3, what stand alone fuel system for the nitrous would be good? High pressure? Low pressure? Just need to know the in an outs of it cause I'm new to this. Would be running 91 in my main tank.

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    What kit and what type of design did you have in mind?

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    done one with low pressure setup, going from 6psi to 5psi changed the fueling a good bit and also netted more power by leaning the jetting out

    used a complete kit from NX

    we used c16 in the tank for the nitrous fueling
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    I'm just running a cheap jegs 1 gallon fuel cell and holley blue fuel pump and regulator. I run 5-6lbs flowing fuel pressure.

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    Never finished it, but i was planning on the same setup as DTR81.
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    A low pressure dedicated setup would be the best to go with. For the fuel I'd suggest going with C16. Even though it's a leaded based fuel the amount your using won't hurt the motor at all. We offer a low pressure setup and an adjustable setup. Both can be seen here ---> http://www.nitrousexpress.com/safe-systems.html


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