Tried to make another thread but replying to it from my phone seems to have deleted the posts and broken the thread. Talk about a rough first post lol. I'll try again here.

My 1999 silverado 1500 z71 5.3 LT has about 200K on it, I can't tell you exactly because the odom only flashed on 1 time so far. Later that day after 4x4ing out of cell service for several hours, it decided to die a few hundred meters from home without warning.

Because its otherwise in good shape and has sentimental value, I've decided to make it badass and put a 383 stroker in it. I understand that decision isn't everyone's cup of tea but it's mine and that is ok with me. One side of the fam passed down the chevy through three generations if you include me, on the other side my dad and his had 383's.

My plan with the truck is to run it as a 'somewhat' toned down 383 until I make the necessary upgrades before going too crazy with performance upgrades and tunes to the engine. That said I'm not too sentimental about the transmission and am anticipating replacing that soon.

So far I've pulled the old engine, decided not to sleeve the damaged block for the stroker build, and I've got a local machine shop with a great rep making the 383. We're going to use the stock heads rebuilt. Everything else is stock until I get a 4l80E and a 3/4 ton rear end.

The new parts list so far is:
  • new engine
  • new water pump (melling)
  • new thermostat
  • new rad hoses

I've also got a new set of k02s I only drove on for two weeks and am looking at putting the corvette servo on the 4l60e to keep it shifting a bit firmer and maybe longer. The guy making the engine is grabbing some new injectors as well.

I'm assuming this isn't the place for the actual project thread to go so i'll upload pics in whatever format once i've got a quick way to do so and make a new thread but for now i'll leave the imgur links to engine removal and carnage.

removal p1
removal and carnage p2