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Thread: newbie doing a 5.3 swap computer questions

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    newbie doing a 5.3 swap computer questions

    Hey all my first post here, I just picked up a 5.3 out of a 2002 pick up, came with no harness or computer. So I just went to the local pick and pull got a full harness, fuse box and they grabbed a computer out of a 2002 for me. Now I just read the receipt and it says the computer is out of a 2002 6.0 will this work with my 5.3? I am gonna be getting a reflash and tune from a guy locally but don't wanna sound stupid when I call him. I'm sure ill have more questions I'm swapping this engine into a 2000 s10 with soild axles and 40s.


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    got it figured out it will work


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