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Thread: New from CA - LQ9/SAS

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    New from CA - LQ9/SAS

    Hey I’m new to LS1 truck so I thought I’d post a first thread here about my project to get things started:

    1993 Chevy K1500
    350 SBC
    Built 4L60E (Beast Sun shells, 8 Pinion planetaries etc,.)
    Rebuilt NP241C Floor Shift
    Custom Double cardan driveshaft by Texas Driveshaft Specialties
    Currently on 6” Suspension Lift, 3” Body lift 37x13.5R18 Toyo MT’s

    Here’s the plans:

    Motor – This block started as a brand new short block that was assembled, measured for clearance, balanced, bored to 4.070”, honed, deck plated and converted from 24x to 58x Reluctor wheel

    • Cam: http://www.summitracing.com/parts/tfs-30602001
    • 317 Heads (Aluminum Orig. LQ9 Heads) – Chamfered, Pocket ported.
    • 8.1L Marine Injectors LQ9 for 01’-02’ Escalade @ 34 lbs.
    • Dura-Bond High Performance Coated Bearings
    • Upgraded Coated Main Bearings
    • Coated Rods
    • Trick Flow Push rods (Stock Length 7.400”)
    • LS7 Lifters
    • LS3 Rocker Arms w/ Trunion Kit Upgrade
    • Comp Valve Springs
    • LS1 Timing Chain
    • Comp Cam Timing Chain
    • Melling 10355 Oil Pump
    • Harmonic external balancer (594-209)
    • Intake/Throttle Body/Harness with Fuel Rail out of a 2002 escalade (6.0) as well
    • Dirty Dingo Motor Mounts & Accessory Brackets

    Current Status:
    - Having a tough time finding a way to swap the LQ9 and keep my original 4L60E while being able to use 4Lo. I am on the fence whether to buy Holleys EFI kit or go a different route but I was hoping anyone can share their knowledge or experience here.

    Drive Train – Solid Axle Swap; Dana 60 Ford Kingpin & 14 bolt Full Float


    • ARB Air Locker (F+R)
    • Yukon 4.88 Gears
    • Yukon Inner/Outer Axles
    • Yukon Super joints
    • TSM Manufacturing disc brake conversion (14bff)
    • Kingpin Spring eliminator kit + Reid Racing Bronze upper bushing
    • Wheel bearing, Spindle Seals, Kingpin Rebuild kit, Lower Kingpin Cap, Stage 8 locking spindle nuts

    Current Status:
    - Waiting for last batch of parts to come in to begin assembling the axles. Once built, I will be ordering the leaf springs and front brake system.
    - If anyone has suggestions on Brake options (brackets + caliper’s) for the front Dana 60 Ford let me know, so far all I’ve seen are the Ύ” ton disc brake conversions. I’d rather have the 1 ton stock originals then the Ύ ton GM discs but would like to hear others thoughts and experiences

    I’ll post pictures and document along the way of the build too
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