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Thread: newbie with 1992 Suburban 6.0L LQ4 swap

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    newbie with 1992 Suburban 6.0L LQ4 swap

    Hey guys and gals, newb here. I'm a dinosaur, Gen I SBC and BBC guy. I pay attention in class and enjoy the crazy things people do with an LS engine. I have a 1992 Suburban that has 195,000 miles on it. It's a great truck but the TBI 350 power is, well, laughable. I use the truck to tow a drag car and in the midwest where it is flat, I have trouble maintaining 70mph up the slightest grade when towing. If I'm not towing, it runs fine. There is nothing wrong with the engine, it's just tired and only 210hp from the factory (on a good day). I work with a guy that has done a number of LS swaps so I asked him to keep his eye out for a 5.3 or 6.0. He found a complete 2001 6.0L LQ4 with 151,000 miles within a 2 hour drive for $800, included was the FEAD with alternator, wiring harness, exhaust manifolds and EGR valve. So I will be hanging out here, reading about swaps similar to mine. I would like to get 450 flywheel horsepower. If that's a silly number, I'm sure I'll hear about it from someone. EM

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    Welcome to the forum. You should have no problem towing with the 6 liter. What transmission are you going to use? Going after 450 will just add to the cost, but you can do a cam and spring swap. http://www.ls1truck.com/forums/front...in-budget.html
    A friend has an LQ4 6.0/4L80E in a 94 Suburban and he tows regularly with no problem. The only thing he has on the engine are headers and a tune.
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