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Thread: checking in. melbourne fl.

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    Melbourne, FL

    checking in. melbourne fl.

    Ha every body. I'm checking in at Melbourne fl. I live near trick performance were that have an amazing dyno. That clicked a 1212 HP turbo mustang. It's a nice place to go. I have a 2000 5.3L evade silverado 1500. I plan on droping a turbo in it soon. My truck explanes my user name. I'm new to this sight but not to this world. I was a big member over at trailvoy.com n now I'm here. I want to see more gettigathers n turbo radio's. I can't wait to meet you guyes.

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    welcome to the site. if u wanna go turbo get ready cuz itll cost u a boatload of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    4.8, TSP 220, 6L90 swap, 3400 Stall, 4.10s w/30" drag radial and T76 @ 16lbs.
    Best ET 11.54@114 w 1.52 60ft
    Raceweight 4905 lbs.

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    Welcome to the site

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