Hi there all im new here and this is my first topic:
Im about to start a swap project for my gmc Yukon GT (2door) 99 with 5.7 vortec engine as of now its time to change it to Lq4 6.0 which will be comming off a 05 yukon denali .

Iv rebuild the full interior such as the dashboard and changed the color to black ,reupholestered the seats and made them VIP Red color , the floor Carpet is changed to brand new with a black color rag and swaped the center console to NBS .
For my swap :
i will be buying the full car for my project .which is a yukon denali 05 from the insurance company for About 1000$

What i need to know is what do i need exactly to buy on a side and what to do ?
Iv already purchased the dirty dingo ls swap mounts , HP tuners suite , Blue driver obd2 scanner ,magna flow exhaust muffler .

I want to have my 4X4 running , ac , my speedo , tachometer,oil gauge,water temp gauge Fuel guage and all running as factory.

The wiring harness from the denali will be with me , what do i need to delete from it and my stock harness what to keep and what to delete?

Ill be glad to hear from anyone who knows it or done it

I appologise for my english as its not my mother tounge language and might be broken and i will try to post pics for my truck once im arround it.



Al Buthain Al Balushi

GMC YUKON GT 2 door 1999 5.7 vortec auto