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Thread: 1993 RCSB 4X4 Swap

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    1993 RCSB 4X4 Swap

    I have a 1993 RCSB 4X4, and a complete 2004 k2500 parts truck. I am trying to get all my parts ordered, looking for a little input. i live in Canada, so almost every thing i need has to be shipped across border, so just trying to not get caught needing something and waiting 2 weeks for part.

    I have dirty dingo mounts, both motor and A/C relocate. I am either buying or sending my harness out to be modified (any recommendations on who/were to get done?)

    I am using the 4l60, been built for 500hp. So do i need any form of adapters to bolt to LQ4? will i have to retain factory computer to run tranny?

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    we can build you a stand alone harness for your truck that will look really nice. sounds like you have everything covered as far as mounts go, Is the 4l60 out if the 93 electronic? If you have the trans for the k2500 it would be a 4l80 that would hold more power in the long run.
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    Yes 4l60 is electric, I have entire parts truck, but would swap input shafts on t-case if I go 4l80. What is cost of harness?

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