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Thread: 96 C1500 5.3 help

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    96 C1500 5.3 help

    I've been trying to find a method of getting ac to work on my 5.3 swapped 96 C1500....I havent been able to get the brackets to be able to mount my factory compressor.Im not against running a different compressor if needed....I just need A/C on my truck?Has anyone has any luck?

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    I used the Dirty dingo mounting brackets for a Sanden compressor. Made up replacement high side hose and adapted my original low side hose. I added a pressure sensor port in the new high side hose for the transducer. Compressor is high mounted, works great. Mine is a 96 with 2007 5.3 and Current Performance integrated harness, so everything works as original.

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