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Thread: Getting started with a swap.

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    Getting started with a swap.

    Hey, picked up a LQ4 for my 98 Chevrolet with a 5.7 in it and 4L60.

    Started to read about the wiring for this swap and figured I'd inquire about the ECM side of thing. The engine I bought came with ECM and wiring harness. It's a drive by cable engine so thats a bonus.

    While going through alot of the swap info it seems the 411 ECM is needed. I'm curious why that one is required?

    The engine I got came with an older ECM judging by the number on it. I'd like to keep all my gauges working in the truck so I'm going to have to figure out the ecm thing before moving forward.

    If it may work I'll start looking for the pinout info so I can blend them togeather.

    Thanks for input!
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    that pcm will work for your swap. all your factory gauges can still function with a few wiring modifications, even the a/c controls. I see you have the original harness that came with the engine, but if you need a standalone engine harness and tuning let us know
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