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Thread: 1998 gmc 3500 trying to 6.0 swap it

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    1998 gmc 3500 trying to 6.0 swap it

    Ok iam new to the site an need a little info that I can't seem to find here's my problem.. I have a complete donner truck ready to be took apart I am trying to take everything from this 02 an put in my 98 4x4 3500 gmc but can't find any info on what wires need to be changed to keep everything working as stock from the dash an abs an so on any information with this would be great I have no problems with the other just the wiring far as computer to my stock set up thanks in advance

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    Thanks alot some good information I was reading there

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    they have a fuse block that you can then take your OEM 6.0 harness and easily make your own, I've used 3 of them with zero issues

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