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Thread: Passlock bypass without tune. Any 99-02 Truck BCM and 15 resistors all I need?

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    1998 S10 BCM work with 411 PCM from 2002 Silverado ?

    For my 1998 Snoma/S10 swap, I bought a 4.8/4L65E which came out of a 2002 Tahoe. I pulled a 411 PCM from a 2002 Silverado.

    For now, I am not planning to make any mods and will be installing the 4.8/4L65E bone stock. Later, I will install a bigger cam and have the PCM re-tuned, Passlock removed and 2nd O2 sensor removed.

    Since my 1998 Sonoma/S10 has Passlock & BCM and both are already synced, will it send correct signal to the 2002 Silverado 411 PCM to fire the motor without re-flashing the PCM?

    Would I need 2002 Silverado/Tahoe 411 PCM and matching BCM and jus re-teach the Passlock?

    My truck does not have power windows or locks. Just ABS and Cruise Control. Not sure how the Silverado PCM will work.


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    No replies?

    I did not realize there are people on eBay performing flash service for cheap and good reviews!


    For $45, it's no brainer!

    The reflashing covers only the listed items below:
    -Removal of the vehicle antitheft security (VATS) option . This will cause a 2 second start and die symptom if not removed.
    -Fan 1 and Fan 2 on/off temperatures. Stock 104/100 108/104 will be used unless otherwise specified.
    -Add or delete fans
    -Rear gear ratio change- especially important if swapping into another vehicle.
    -Tire size-especially important- tire size must be listed as 2xx-xx-xx or tire diameter, not just rim size.
    -AC delete-removes sensor, relay monitoring, esp. for older vehicles.
    -Transmission type, covering even the older THM350, 400, 700R4, 4L60 (non electronic). Must let me know what transmission you are running.
    -Remove rpm limiter* see below
    -Remove speed limiter* see below
    -Remove emission controls (includes removing the rear O2 sensors)** see below
    -Change VIN - only necessary if you are swapping a computer into the same vehicle.
    -Change tach signal to match your 6 or 8 cylinder tachometer (stock or aftermarket)

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    $45 is pretty cheap

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