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Thread: 1995 2 Door Tahoe 4x4 to LSx conversion

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    1995 2 Door Tahoe 4x4 to LSx conversion

    I finally found a reasonably priced 95 Tahoe to purchase this past week and got it home. I am starting to plan a swap to an LSx platform. I am leaning towards the LQ4 6.0 engine due to the initial research that I have made that it may be the least intrusive of the bunch.

    I have some experience with some big horse power LSx stuff in the past, but it has been years since I have played with them. I am mainly looking for reliability and being able to take it off road with a bit extra power. I want to leave the 4L60E transmission that is in it in it, the previous owner had rebuilt it at a shop I know, so it should be good. I am not going to lift it any more than the 4" that it currently has on it.

    I plan to tag this in Nevada where I do not have to have emissions but may like to.

    Which engine would you choose to swap into this? Which control harness? Why on both?



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    Nobody can really answer this for you because it depends on your budget and what is available near you. I got my LQ4 on eBay because it was super clean, low mileage, and fit my price range and plans for the truck. The LQ9 is higher compression and generally considered better for NA builds, while the LQ4 is generally considered a better candidate for boost (and cheaper). The 4.8/5.3 should be cheaper than either and might be readily available in your area (try Craigslist).

    Personally, I don't have the patience or interest to screw around and modify a factory harness to work so I bought my harness, DBW setup, etc from PSI and it was by far the best investment I made for the swap. A little pricey but I plugged the whole harness in in about 15 minutes and fired it up. It looks stock, and I don't have nasty wires running everywhere under the hood. Unless you have the time or inclination to spend hours on wiring, I would highly recommend investing in a pre-made harness. PSI was great and I was able to tailor it to my exact specs for the truck.
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