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Thread: Junkyard Pulls - Smart Move?

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    Junkyard Pulls - Smart Move?

    I have read a lot of threads where guys find a truck/car in a boneyard and decide to pull the engine, knowing almost nothing about it other than the front of the vehicle wasn't smashed up - not the actual milage, not knowing if it even runs...

    Yeah - they got an ls engine and sometimes matching transmission for between $450 and $700, then instead of rebuilding, they put high pro cams, pistons, rods in it and supposedly have a perfect ride. It sounds like a recipe for disaster to me, but everyone writing threads on it seems to have an affordable and happy ending. I'm a bit skeptical.

    Got thoughts on this? Are junkyard engines worth a go, or is it better to pay some extra cash and get something used with a bit if testing and warranty on it?

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    There is no real way to know what your ever getting with a "used" engine, junk yard or warranty engine. I think it's best to do some detective work. Check the oil. Is it full? black... BLACK.. look at the dip stick, is there oil residue up past the markings? If so that could be a indication that the oil/engine has been HOT. Look down in the oil fill on the valve covers, can you see down in there to see if there is gunk on the rocker arms? Some junk yards do offer a 30 day warranty on engines.

    But as one bonus in a salvage yard, if you pull the engine yourself (usually at the smaller yards where the best deals are) you can pull every single part you "may" or "may not" need. Front accessory drive kits are expensive! If you get the accessory drive, misc. hoses like radiator hoses, fuel lines that go down on the rail, o2 sensors when you cut the exhaust pipe, that kind of stuff adds up fast. So there are advantages. Worst case.... you buy 2 motors for the price on one.?.?.

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    I am having similar thoughts myself. It seems guys buy cheap engines add a few parts and have cheap 400hp. I've decided to purchase a damaged vehicle from an insurance auction. The ones I have seen, run and drive but have some body damage. My thoughts are that I can pull everything I need (in my garage), when I am satisfied all has been removed, I will part out the rest to recoup some bucks. I've done this in the past with Mustangs and it usually worked out very well. It does mean spending some extra cash up front but making some on the back end. Just my .02

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    My L59 (flex fuel LM7) was a junkyard pull. It cost me less than $300, and I figured even if it was junk, at that price I could part it out and not lose money. The junkyard also gave me the chance to pull all the items that I would need eventually and a chance to see how everything went together before pulling it. I replaced all of the gaskets and cleaned the engine up, but did not do anything with the bearings. So far I have put 10k miles on the engine, which had over 200k when I got it.

    It will be replaced in a few months with an LQ4 that I am pulling from an insurance auction van. Paid for $650 for the van, and so far have sold $450 worth of parts off of it. I have enough parts left that I will surely be able to cover the entire purchase price of the van, and then some. Once you add in the money I will get from selling my current 5.3, I will have basically been able to do the swap without any cost to myself except time.

    Any source for an engine can be a good option, as long as you can get it for the right price.

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    My last conversion was a 5.3 and 4L60E into a 1962 C10. Bought a 2000 sierra running for $1000 removed engine and tranny and sold leftovers for about $1250.
    I sold the '62 and bought a '72 K10 350/350. Saw a good deal on a 2500HD 4x4 6.0 and 4L80E...got the whole truck for $700. Truck runs but does not drive as tranny is shot, 160,000 miles... I may just drop the 6.0 into the k10 with the existing turbo 350 for now.. these deals are out there you just need to look in the right place.

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    Fixing to start my third LQ9 swap from a JY. Motor is going into my DD, which is a CC Colorado. Nothing wrong with JY motors as long as you use some common sense and not expect it to last 100k if you sit there and constantly beat the crap out of it.

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