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Thread: Looking at possible engine swap

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    Looking at possible engine swap

    Well, the old 5.3's days are numbered in El Bastardo Grande (my truck). Seems the oil pump has decided to shit the bed. Anyway, being that I am now looking at replacing the engine, what is the simplest easiest replacement for the 5.3? I'm talking as close to drop in as possible. Or, should I just go back with a 5.3?

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    Same engine from a junkyard. Clean it up, throw a small cam in, and call it a day.
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    you could go 6.0 if you want
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    Yea a 6.0 would be straight forward drop in hook up and go, with all the added umph and nothing to take apart engine wise. I've even heard of some guys using the same settings from the 5.3 ecm. But even so, a quick mail order tune would only cost you around $160-$200 anyways. By the way, love the nickname for your truck

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