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Thread: LS6 Intake Swap

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    So did it make a noticeable difference?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggie View Post
    Can this be done on the 4.8?
    i bet u get good MPG
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    On performancetrucks.net I saw that he is putting down 340rwhp and 340 rwtq AND he runs in the 12s all motor, so If it does hurt you a little down low he definelty isn't noticeing it.
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    Yes, This swap can be put on a 4.8L

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    So the only thing that needed to be done to the coolant hard lines was to bend the nipple out a little bit??
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    Quote Originally Posted by 85mudblazin View Post
    So the only thing that needed to be done to the coolant hard lines was to bend the nipple out a little bit??

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    HotRodV6 Guest
    I wanted to ask if anybody has done a swap like this, but using the LS2 90mm intake and DBW TB from an 05+ vette?

    Also since you have to swap the water pump, and grind the alt bracket for clearance, has anybody ever thought about swithcing the truck accessory brackets over to a vette or f-body setup?

    I mean it would need a bracket to relocate the tensioner, just use a vette or f-body one. Althought i dont think youd pick up any power by switching to a different accessory drive.

    I have a complete f-body front drive setup with the ASP underdrive crank and alt pulleys and a new water pump. and the alt and p/s brackets and a/c comppressor brackets and was thinking about swapping them out and doing an LS2 intake swap at the same time i do a cam swap, but since the f-body has the alt on the lower drivers side im not sure if it will clear the rack or not.

    probably not worth it in the end, but just thought i would ask.

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    yes you can swap over to f-body front accessory's...i actually looks a little cleaner.
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    HotRodV6 Guest
    yeah i figured it would help clean things up alittle bit.

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    MidnightRider Guest
    the maro accesory kit is the way to go

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