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Thread: Last Build.... I need some help guys..

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    Last Build.... I need some help guys..

    Well guys ive had my fair share of toys had a 84 regal that was sub 10's small block street car on the bottle . Had a bad wreck in 2008 sold it all .... Got my fiances in order bought a truck and boat and started fishing and never looked back to racing even made my self hate it lol ..

    About 8 months ago i was diagnosed with epilepsy after i had a bad wreck in my dump truck and almost killed my self ..I lost my Class A CDL (Owner Operator Dump Truck ) .. Well i still get to keep my normal drivers licenses "For Now" .

    Now back in 2014 i bought a used 2013 Silverado 5.3 z71 it had (12,000miles) it was what i wanted to the T reg cab short bed z71 ... Then last year i paid the truck off and i bought a new boat ...

    Now i have the Bug and i cant shake it . I want to build this truck to be one mean gal ... So i went out and bought another daily driver truck Friday so i can play with the 2013 .. the 2013 now has 72,000 miles i used it as a courier truck for alittle while ..

    Now i want to build the truck to were i can still use it to pull my boat if i want and travel 800 miles away and back .

    So.. my Goal is a 11:00-11:50 Truck that can still tow and 4x4 launch the crap out of it on the foot break .

    A part of me wants the Procharger or LSA Setup
    But also a part of me wants the Turbo Setup.

    My budget is open within reason i know its easy to make power with these LS motors
    I can get a 6.0 with harness for under $800 Here in St Louis but my ECU/wiring skills are limited but im sure i can tackle it ..

    Let me know what you guys think ive been outta the game for so long .
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    98 Silverado 3-dr 2wd stock 5.0 - 5.3 swap in progress .

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    turbo for sure! or even a whipple charger

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    I'm running a Magnacharger kit. It's the same stuff there putting in the stock 2016 Zo6 and Cameros. With the 6.0l a high lift cam some ported heads, long tube headers and a good valve train that think can really fly. The thing I like about the Magna is it is a complete setup it even comes with a fuel pump and cooling system, but most of them do now. I'm not a really big fan of the turbo setups for one forget about off roading you'll never see the power unless your trying to kill yourself. Also the labor and repair cost of turbos. Boo. But turbos do make more power on the street and more heat. I leave in Cali. we cannot get away with a street drive turbo truck Smog Laws would have us in the impound. I'm running only about 5lbs on my setup and there not to many truck out here that can keep up. Good luck with your project.
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    im building a turbo 6.0 at the moment, my 5.3 made 660/660 on 12.5 psi and pump gas kbracing kit, and cxracing turbo. my truck would run high 11's if I could get it to hook. ext cab 4x4. the new build im shooting for 750 to the ground on 91 and meth. I think a turbo will get ya there and sound wicked doing so. best thing is I still retain good fuel mileage.

    I built a set of efans myself and haven't had any issues. I Live in southern AZ and no heat soak issues. as far as lag... My set up spools quick but I think my converter is matched perfect once it flashes its gone.
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