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Thread: Bosch 160 amp alternator wiring help

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    Bosch 160 amp alternator wiring help

    Bosch 160A alternator p/n 0124525104 or GM15128978, from a 2007 Escalade.

    I want to put a Bosch 160 amp alternator into my 78 k20. The alternator has the main battery and 2 small wires on the back.
    On the original 35 amp alternator, one of those small wires goes to the main power and the other to the gauge.
    Is the Bosch like the original as far as hookups go? If I don't need a computer to run it, which wires go where?
    I've searched online and in several forums and haven't found my answer yet. And the library is still shut down due to the damn China Virus.

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