so let me start out with what i have so my truck was already swapped with a lq4 and 4l60 so im in the process of swapping this 416ci and 4l80 combo its already in the truck and all wires connected but the truck will not crank starter has 12 volts battery has 12 volts all grounds on block the 2 behind power steering pump and 2 on the back of the block alternator is connected mega fuse is good havent found and bad fuses have checked and swapped around relays but truck will crank if i jump pins in fuse box but no start and laptop will not communicate with computer checked power at obd2 and 1 pin has 12 volts one has 8 volts so i removed pcm connectors and checked power on blue connector pin 2 has no power but ignition pin 19 and battery 20 pins have 12 volts pcm is a P59 truck is a GMT800 2007 Sierra classic regular cab no cel . i might add that the pcm fuse with the fuse pulled has 12 volts and 8 volts on the other side was weird but any help would be appreciated im ready to get this thing rolling .