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Thread: Bad fuel pump?

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    Why wouldn't it be submerged in gas all the time now.

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    Due to the chambers of the stock unit the white bucket is always full of fuel regardless of fuel level. And that is where the pump sits.

    Since you have to cut out the bottom of the bucket it will no longer have that fuel holding ability.

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    Ohhh gotcha, I hope i don't have a problem with this pump. Knock on wood.

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    IM guessing that on the harness since i have to cut it so i can attach the pump. the Black wire is negative and the gray one is positive.

    welp all done, took about 2 hours. vary easy install to do.
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    Assuming you didnt have an injector leaking...which usually leads to destruction from hydraulic lock....It most likely is your pump...more specifically the one way check valve in your pump. This valve allows pressure going toward the fuel rail but wont allow it to leak down while pump is off. This is what keeps a normally operating fuel injection starting up on the first crank. The fuel rail has to be pressurized for engine to start. If the pressure bleeds down then it will take a second or 2 for it to build back up while engine cranking. You will see atleast on GM fuel injected vehicles that they get harder and harder to get started immediately on the first couple of revolutions during engine cranking just before the pump dies. Mine did this for many months until one day the pump died on the way home from work....in the middle of the trip! lol

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    Trucks back to normal.

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    well i spoke to soon, now the pump only make 30 psi on and 0 when the truck is off with ignition on. everything was just fine. got 50 psi with the truck off and 55 with it on. Did this pump already burn up?

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    Check the fuel lines in the tank to make sure there is no leaks!
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    Well Im going to have to check that at the end of the week when i have no gas. and i put hose claps on the line inside the tank so i dont think that would be it.

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    I bet it is a line inside the tank. Remove the bed. Its easier with a full tank.

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