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  1. Yeah, it's me! I didn't know exactly what the friend thing was either, they had changed the site around a little bit and I was going thru some of my settings. I thought it was going to just mark you as a contact moreless, didn't think it was gonna send you a friend request. Anyway, thanks for being my ls1truck friend!

    Everything is going well, I'm actually on some well needed leave until August. Congratulations on your newest addition to the family.
  2. Your name change made me wonder who the hell was asking me to be friends. Since I don't do Facebook or MySpace and I'm not on this site much and they changed this site and I'm not on other forums that have "friending", I was a little confused. I'm glad you were the first to ask though I guess. How are things in NY? Not sure if you saw my newest addition but we gots a 12 week old daughter to make four. Hope things are well and I'll talk to you later.

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