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  1. Hi Jeff. I also need the spreadsheet to swap a 411 box into a stock 97 5.7 L31 4x4 4l60e. box came out of a 2001 g1500 5.0l, have vin available. After I have the spreadsheet, I might need to have you tune the ecu. or at the very least have a conversation with me as to what my options are for doing this myself. willing to buy a tuner, but would want knowledgeable advice on the different products out there. I may also feel that it makes more sense to hold off on purchasing the tuner and have you write it for me since it's still a stock engine at this point, and make the investment down the road if and when I make any significant modifications to the engine. but definitely need to wake up the power and improve fuel economy. Thanks in advance. (heads up, I reached out on as well). my e-mail my cell 570-807-0631 if you feel inclined to call you are welcome to instant exchange of information that way.

    Jay Leahy,
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